Dog Styling is an imperative part of dog ownership. However, not only does a well-styled dog look beautiful, it is also a powerful reflection of the owner. After all, dog is a family member, They give unconditional love, and emotional support, bringing families and friends together. We offer full grooming services from our certified pet stylist.

   *Nail trim
     *Ear cleaning
       *Teeth brushing
    *Nail polish
 *Hair dye


Bundle up and save...
Includes: Haircut, bathing, ear & eye cleaning, nail trimming & sanitary clip

                         *Puppy's      ( under 6 months)$50.00
                         *Small breeds (under 25Lbs )   $65.00
                                       (25-35Lbs )      $75.00
Bathing Packages
Includes : Bathing, sanitary clip, ear cleaning, nail trimming & filing.

                         *Puppy's (under 6 months )     $20.00
                         *Small breeds (under 35 lbs )  $30.00
                        Individual service

                         *Haircut                       $60.00
                         *Teeth Cleaning                $15.00
                         *Nail trim & filing            $10.00
                         *Bath                          $20.00
                         *Dematting                     $20.00

       To make a reservation call us at (347)398-6289.Grooming services are available Tuesday trough Saturdays by appointment. All dogs must have their vaccinations records up to date.